Posted by: viaprograms | October 28, 2009

VIA’s New Executive Director Connects With Alums


VIA board member and alum Tim Clark introduces VIA's new Executive Director to alumni

About 35 VIA alums and friends gathered on Oct. 25 at our home to meet VIA’s new Executive Director, Michael Bedford. The theme of Michael’s remarks was how to retain VIA’s values as we adapt to the realities of the 21st century. Michael answered a few questions about his vision for and assessment of VIA, then turned the questions around.

Picking three people at random from the group, he asked “Why did you come here today for a VIA event on this beautiful California Sunday afternoon?”

The answers:

Dan Thomas, Philippines ’78: “To reconnect with VIA”

Laura Bose: Taiwan ’86, married to Ben Self, Japan 1980s: “To reconnect with VIA”

Sachiyo Kashihara, Stanford ’90, formerly at Japanese Consulate in SF, now works for an IT company in Silicon Valley: “To reconnect with VIA”

VIA alums retain an incredible loyalty to their life-changing experiences with VIA. We must continue to capitalize on that loyalty. This blog is a start.

Let’s reconnect.

-Tim Clark, VIA board of directors


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