Posted by: viaprograms | July 23, 2010

ALC alumnus returns as intern

Kenji Hayata was an ALC program participant in 2007 and was an exchange student at Bates College till recently. He is returning to this year’s ALC program as our summer intern. This is the second blog about our alumni summer interns. Meet our AUSL intern here.

1. How do you describe your ALC experience and how has that influenced you?

I participated in the ALC2 when I was a freshman. I was expecting myself to learn English, but my experience was actually more than that. My experience of the ALC2 was just brilliant, making friends with people I had never seen, talking about topics I had never discussed, and studying at Stanford, where the beautiful campus makes you feel like studying. The most valuable lesson I learned from the program was the importance of self-education and the enjoyment of interacting with people from different cultures. The experience made my goal for the future and still has influenced me; I am still in the process of achieving my goal.

2. Why did you decide to return to VIA as an ALC intern this summer and what do you look forward to?

The whole reason why I decided to return to VIA as an intern is that I want to engage with the program in any way that taught me so many valuable lessons. Moreover, I want to go back and see the majestic campus and vibrant new participants who are full of hope and potential. If I can help those people to gain as valuable experience as I did, that would be great, and if I can see them changing day by day, that would be really really wonderful. Thus, I am looking forward to seeing how the program will influence the participants.

3. Any surprises you experienced coming back to the United States this time?

This time, I was going to Bates College, which is a small liberal art college (the number of students is only 1,700) in Maine. There is a big difference between the east coast and the west coast; people are different, as a result, culture is very different. It was a big shock to me. But soon I understood the value of diversity, which I think is the best part of American culture. The biggest surprise is the fact that I have become a big big fan of American culture thanks to this diversity.
Welcome back to VIA, Kenji!

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