Posted by: viaprograms | August 20, 2010

VIA Provides International impact without leaving Stanford

In 2009, Author Autumn Carter wrote about the Asia-U.S. Service Learning (AUSL) Program. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Eventually, many Stanford students come to realize that their lives here are being insulated from the real problems of the world. But from time to time, when their restless hearts really begin to beat a bit quicker, some students seek opportunities that allow them to touch a bit of the surrounding world.

Luckily, some of those opportunities exist right here on campus. They use the resources here and seek to help members of the Stanford community break out of the bubble for a time.

One program seeks to bring Stanford students together with university students from all across Asia. Volunteers in Asia (VIA) is an organization with a long history and mission. What began in 1963 as an initiative to educate and aid Chinese refugees in Hong Kong, is today a network of people that work across two continents and ten nations…

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