Posted by: viaprograms | September 14, 2010

Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Adventure: VIA alum Takashi Matsumoto bike trip across the U.S. begins!

Friday, September 10, Keio Business School student Takashi Matsumoto, sets off on the first day of the U.S. portion of his 5199 mile bamboo bicycle journey.  Concerned by the neglect of bamboo forests in Japan, Matsumoto became interested in promoting the use of bamboo products, and began traveling via bamboo bicycle from Tokyo to the southern tip of Japan visiting bamboo forests, and meeting with craftsmen of bamboo products along the way.  The U.S. portion of his ride is part of his university research project to investigate the production of bamboo bicycles by various companies and organizations in the U.S.  After graduation, Matsumoto plans to start a company in Japan that will produce bicycles and other products using locally grown bamboo.  Friday morning, Matsumoto departs from Bamboosero, a company in Santa Cruz established by Craig Calfee, an expert carbon bicycle frame craftsman who also began teaching local craftsmen in Zambia as well as Ghana methods for building bicycle frames from bamboo.

To read more about Takashi’s ride, please visit his blog (scroll down for explanation in English).


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