Posted by: viaprograms | September 30, 2010

CHINA: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Lydia is a second year volunteer living in Guangzhou.  Lydia shares with us the Mid-Autumn Festival party she attended.

Now that I’m used to the strange style of Chinese parties it was much more enjoyable for me. Students made the food and also gave performances. So many students signed up to give performances during the Mid-Autumn Festival that they couldn’t fit everyone in. Also great was the attendance of many recent graduates, and a lot of students from Sun Yat-sen University who visit for English club or to hang out

The night was full of gender plays, a supermodel drama with a happy ending, singing in sign language and much more. The senior boys put on the grand finale of performances. First, a clip of a strange and scary Chinese movie called Cloud Wind. Then, each of the boys (and one lucky girl) took on the role of one of the characters in the movie.  It was insane. It was awesome. I can’t believe these kids are seniors now, leading the underclassmen, setting the tone (for better or for worse!).


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