Posted by: viaprograms | October 8, 2010

Journey into U.S. and Japanese Health Care

UCSF coordinators in Kyoto wearing yukata

VIA’s Exploring Health Care program connects Japanese medical students with their peers at Stanford University and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).  During spring break, coordinators from Stanford and UCSF lead the Japanese on an exploration of health care in the Bay Area.

After the program the coordinators travel to Japan where the Japanese medical students lead an exploration of Japanese heath care. Read on for 2010 UCSF Coordinator Antonio Moya’s thoughts & photos on his journey with co-coordinator Amy Tao.

Japan… what a clean, organized and sprawling country! I’m still taken aback by how hospitable the Japanese medical students and friends were to us.  Despite struggling through their finals, the Japanese medical students planned every hour of our day. Amy and I were brought all over the country, interviewing Japanese physicians at Tokyo Medical University and Tokyo Women’s Medical University, touring historical Kyoto in traditional Japanese kimonos and taking super weird photos in small photo booths that enlarge your eyes and lighten your skin (only in Japan!) What was more important than the visits and touring was the realization that we were all aspiring physician colleagues who could help each other improve our own respective medical fields whether that be in the fields of clinical practice, public health or public policy.



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