Posted by: viaprograms | October 27, 2010

VIA Reunion at Stanford Campus held October 24, 2010

About 100 VIA alumni gathered on campus Sunday, October 24, for a casual reunion. Speeches by Founder Dwight Clark and Executive Director Michael Bedford blended VIA’s history with news about its current direction. Many alumni–from early Vietnam vols to participants in the American Language and Culture program–shared stories about their transformative VIA experiences. Enjoy watching a video composed of photos taken of the event. I hope you recognize some faces. See you at the next reunion!



  1. David & all, thank you so much for reaching out to alums. I was moved by the life-changing narratives of those who came forward to speak. I’m sure that VIA’s alums on the Atlantic Coast would also like to be invited to share in the 50th Anniversary celebrations. I was also excited to learn about Takashi, the samurai of the bamboo bicycle on his transcontinental adventure in service learning. Since he’s headed to Brooklyn, maybe he can swing through WashDC en route?

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