Posted by: viaprograms | November 12, 2010

Hiking in Hu Zhu Be Shan

Sarah and Jonas on the "trail"

Recently Devin, Sarah, and Jonas, three China volunteers, spent a few days hiking in Hu Zhu Be Shan.  During their journey they exchanged candy with some children, met a sheep herder fascinated with their camping stove, and shared Nang Ja Tu Do Pian (Farmer’s potatoes) and drinks with locals in a small town restaurant.  Encountering strong dialects, verbal communication was limited, but connections were made and the experience proved to be fascinating.

Here are a few excepts from the email Devin sent.

After encountering numerous Yak herds we stopped by this house that we thought was a part of a road leading into town. Instead, it was just one herding families house in this beautiful little intersection of valleys. We didn’t meet the parents, but managed to have a couple words worth of communication with the small children. Most of the communication however, took place in the exchange of food. We gave them a little bit of candy and then they went to their house and brought us a little bit of candy.

We walked inside the restaurant and it was completely empty. We were glad about this, because we were tired and just wanted to eat our meal in peace. A minute or two later, a whole group of men came in. Soon we were drinking BaiJu shots and beer with them. By the time we left the entire restaurant was full to see the crazy foreigners that stumbled into town. All in all, it was quite an experience and I will never forget all the different people that we encountered on that beautiful trip. Even though we could barely communicate both parties pretty much understood that it was a fascinating intersection of cultures.


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