Posted by: viaprograms | December 14, 2010

VIA lends a hand at International Volunteer Day in Jakarta

VIA participated in International Volunteer Day activities in Jakarta. Activities were held at the national Olympic training facilities and dozens of schools were in attendance. Hundreds  of kids participated in exercising and racing around the track.  Several dozen special needs children were brought together with their teachers, and the Australian Volunteer International(AVI), and Volunteers In Asia (VIA) organizations. VIA was represented by the Indonesia In-Country Representative, Sugiyanto, and VIA volunteer, Derek Hernandez, stationed in Jambi on Sumatra.

The program began at 8am with various stretches led in part by the children. Various races and games were conducted, with teams of children participating at various stations set up and administered by the AVI
and VIA representatives. The event concluded with a small ceremony of thanks for the children after which they received a small box lunch and a gift bag with various treats and goodies from AVI and VIA. Read more here.


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