Posted by: viaprograms | December 29, 2010

VIA volunteer works to prevent human trafficking and build partnerships

Jessica Yee volunteers with VIA in Northern Thailand. She works with the Development and Education Program for Daughters and Communities (DEPDC) Center in the Greater Mekong sub-region, a community-based NGO working to prevent trafficking of women and children. In November 2010, VIA founder Dwight Clark visited Chiang Mai with  a group of Learning Across Borders students from Asian universities. Jessica accompanied DEPDC founder, Sompop Jantraka, to meet Dwight. Excerpts from her reflections on the two founders are below.

DEPDC founder, Sompop Jantraka (left), and VIA founder, Dwight Clark (right)

One early November day, DEPDC/GMS’ founder Sompop Jantraka embarked on a quick day trip to Chiang Mai to meet Dwight Clark, the founder of VIA. Despite never having met before, Dwight and Sompop share not only a very similar vision of providing services to where there is need, but also a tireless drive to motivate all those around them to take part in social change. Now retired and in his 70s, Dwight makes a habit of keeping himself active and busy by leading college students from various Asian countries on tours to study first-hand the social and cultural issues surrounding today’s society in Asia. This time, Dwight was leading a group of 13 students, 5 from Japanese universities and 8 college-bound from Yangon, Myanmar (Rangoon, Burma), to learn about the various social problems encountered on the Thai-Myanmar border.


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