Posted by: viaprograms | January 11, 2011

VIA Japan Alumni Support Stanford Student Running to Fight Poverty

Travis completing marathon #6 in Osaka

Last year, Stanford junior Travis Kiefer ran marathons across every continent, starting in Europe and ending in Antarctica. Travis’ cross-continental marathon run was part of an effort to fight poverty and inspire social entrepreneurship.  Last November, he traveled to Osaka to participate in the Osaka Yodogawa City Marathon. There he was supported by American Language and Culture program alumni, who hosted him during his stay and showed him the sites in Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara. It’s great to see alumni staying close to Stanford and the cross cultural experience they had there.

Here’s an excerpt from a description that Travis recently posted about his trip to Japan:

11/7/2010 Marathon 6 in Osaka, Japan

Land of the Rising Sun
Japan has been my favorite place to visit by far and I’m very glad it was my last marathon before The Big One (Antarctica). As a little kid, I fell in love with Japan’s culture and history because it was exotic and interesting. I loved the stories of samurais and wished for a day that I would be able to go to Japan and see all of the stuff that I saw in the picture books as a little kid. … My trip to Japan was very different from my most recent marathons in that I had students from Japan help me and host me during the whole time I was there…

To read more, take a look at Travis’ blog: Also, see Stanford Daily article:


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