Posted by: viaprograms | January 18, 2011

ED Attends Mid-Year Conference

VIA’s Executive Director, Michael Bedford, joined in the mid-year conference. The conference is a VIA tradition where volunteers gather as a group to reflect on experiences had and plan for those to come.

Attending the first-ever volunteer joint conference between Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, I was wonderfully surprised in the energy, enthusiasm, and help the volunteers offered.  VIA historically holds an annual country-level conference, where volunteers share stories, recommend posts, and provide feedback to VIA on opportunities and challenges. The VIA Regional Program Director recommended this year to combine volunteers from Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Thailand.  Two Indonesia volunteers joined as well in the four days discussions and activities!

One activity was especially fun:  the drawing of their post activities and environment.  The volunteers used the floor of the conference room, using paint, beads, feathers, and much creativity to express through art their places of work.  Many laughs were shared both on the tales told and the quality of the art!


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