Posted by: viaprograms | January 23, 2011

Traveling After the Program

Julia (left) jumps for joy on her Taiwan trip

Julia Kho was a coordinator for the American Language and Culture (ALC) Program. She spent five weeks sharing American culture with her peers from Japan, Korea and Taiwan during summer 2010 and recently returned her first Taiwan, where she reconnected with her ALC  friends.

When did you travel?
I traveled around Taipei, Taiwan from December 9-22, 2010.

Who did you meet & what did you do together?
I met all of the Taiwanese ALC1 2010 alumni, some alumni from Japan, and another Stanford coordinator. One of the places I went to was Danshui, which is very similar to Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. The streets were filled with shops that sold souvenirs and seafood. One of Danshui’s famous food that I tried was Ah Gei, which is fried tofu stuffed with clear noodles. At first I thought it was just a piece of tofu, but I found that it had a delicious filling. I also went to Jiufen, a town in the mountain, comprised of teahouses, souvenir shops and local delicacies. At night, we had a fantastic view of the town on top of the mountain and I even saw fireworks. There was an echo from where we stood. I yelled my name and I could hear “Julia” “Julia” “Julia” in all directions.

Alumni from Taiwan, Japan and the U.S. reunited

What were you grateful for during the trip? I was grateful that all the Taiwan VIA Alumni took time out of their schedule to come see me and take me around Taiwan even though they were busy with school and extracurriculars. They definitely took a lot of time and effort to plan my trip and I am really grateful for that. I was very surprised that they had a whole day packed with activities for me to do. I was passed along from person to person, so I always had a friend with me. I had so much more fun in Taiwan because of my friends in the country. They were the reason my trip was so awesome.

Any tips or travel advice for future alumni travelers?
Watch out for mosquitoes! I got bit seven times… RAWR!

Sunset reunion


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