Posted by: viaprograms | February 7, 2011

What do you know about Taiwan?

Iris, TAC & TBC member

Happy New Year from the Taiwan Alumni Committee (TAC), a group alumni of the Stanford Programs. The group is putting together a Taiwan Business and Culture (TBC) program to continue the cross-cultural exchange begun on the program in March. One of the Coordinator Yuru (Iris) Cheng, has sent a quiz on Taiwan for the blog. Test your knowledge. (Answers below.)

1. What will a mother do on her daughter’s wedding day right after her daughter leaves her?
a. Cut a chicken’s head
b. Drink a bottle of pig blood
c. Splash a cup of water
d. Beat a pot loudly

2. How old will John be on 2011/3/1 by using the traditional age counting way in Taiwan? (Suppose that John was born in 1988/4/26)

For more information about the TBC program, email

1–c. Splash a cup of water–In the past, it was believed that after the marriage, the daughter should not have too many connections with her parents and should obey her husband. Splashing a cup of water is a symbol to show that the daughter is just like the splashed water that will never come back again.

2–C.23–It is the nominal age. In the traditional age counting system, people are said to add one year to their age after the lunar new year. Age is incremented on the new year rather than on a birthday.


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