Posted by: viaprograms | February 18, 2011

Post-Program Travels

Chih-Ying (Jessica) joined the American Language and Culture program in 2010 from Yuan Ze University. She returned from a four-day trip to Japan, and she shares her thoughts on the trip she had been meaning to take since the end of the program.

Lunch at the Waseda cafeteria

What did you do?
I met many of my ALC2 friends . They threw a great welcoming party in Shibuya(渋谷). We had a great time deeply interchanging our languages and making funny videos. I also visited Waseda University where they study and had lunch together in their student cafeteria. So cool! Moreover, I went to the the Yushima Tenmangu Shinto shrine (湯島天満宮) where people pray for good academic performances and Ameyoko (アメ横) a in Ueno(上野), which is like the Japanese night market. For me, it’s the mixture of night market and traditional market in Taiwan. What most impressed me of all was Akihabara(秋葉原), where I experienced real Otaku culture!!!

Welcome party

Was seeing your ALC friends in their home country different than the program?
The familiarity among our friendships hasn’t been changed, the time we spent together was as happy as before. However, everyone is more mature and looked more ambitious. Each of them has been realizing and planning to realize their own goals and dreams step by step. So awesome!

What is something you appreciated or were grateful for on the trip?
First, I would like to thank god because of the good weather. :p Then, I would like to thank all of my ALC2 friends, no matter if I met them or not, I really felt being taken care of and welcomed so that I eagerly wanted to fly back to Japan immediately when I arrived Taiwan. I really appreciated my  guides, though I  felt sorry and excited at the same time, as I knew they were still in their school days and having lots of exams.

I found out how close we were through this visit to Japan. Friends made the trip more meaningful and the city we were going to visit warmer. It was not just sightseeing; you knew you were going to do something special and exciting than the ordinary visitor. Not just shopping but storing and creating our unique memory.

Shibuya with ALC friend

Anything else?
I will definitely visit Japan again soon.  The experience convinced me that you shouldn’t make excuses to postpone the things you want to do. To all ALC2 2010, may our friendships last ever after, may of you friends be healthy, and be successful as you pursuing your dreams!! ♥


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