Posted by: viaprograms | May 2, 2011

Fieldwork in Yunnan

Current VIA volunteer Kailah Weiss-Weinberg recently organized a field trip for her students at the Eastern Tibet Training Institute (ETTI).

Biking to snow mountain

Staff accompanied the students who could ride bikes on a sponsored trip to the Napa Wetlands 纳帕海 and ShiKa Snow Mountain 石卡雪山 area just outside of town. The ride itself is usually not too difficult, since after an initial hill the road descends onto the grassland and becomes fairly flat.

The participating students were extraordinarily excited about the trip for the days leading up to it. Not all the students can ride a bike. These students were disappointed not to be able to join; we’ll teach them to ride soon.

Celebrating their adventure together

The wind blew hard against us as we struggled forward across the grassland. But the day was beautiful, intermittently sunny and cloudy, and with clear views of the mountains and of the grassland stretching to all sides. We saw flocks upon flocks of sheep, innumerable yaks, and birds. Near the end a posse of horses came splashing through the water to run alongside us as we flowed through the landscape, united in the joy of motion.

Learn more about ETTI at:


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